Drums & Percussion School

About the school

As an initiative of percussionist Ruben van Rompaey, the Eastern Expressions Drums & Percussion School was founded in Rotterdam, Holland in August 2007. The basic aim of the school is to providing a creative and universal musical foundation with an international character. The courses are focused on drums and oriental percussion in combination with subjects like rhythmical theory and solfège. In order to stimulate the students’ talents, several events are being organized throughout the year at different locations in The Netherlands.



 Regular Courses

Lessons are divided in 3 categories of each 3 graduation levels:


       A1, A2, A3  – Advanced Level                                   
       B1, B2, B3  – Intermediate Level                               
       C1, C2, C3 – Beginner Level                                     

       Children:  D, E and F


The lesson periods are based on a system, containing 12 lessons per period.
Costs are € 231,-- per period.


About the school (pdf)


You can also visit our schoolsite for Darbuka Lessons, www.easternexpressions.nl

Speciaal voor onze leerlingen:

In samenwerking met Maracazz Percussion Rotterdam kunnen wij u Egyptische darbuka's aanbieden voor de speciale prijs van € 167,50.