Ruben van Rompaey (1978, Bergen op Zoom, Holland), fascinated by drums and percussion, started to play drums at a very early age.

Along with his passion for Jazz and World music, he immediately developed a strong interest in ethnic musical styles and sounds.

After Ruben obtained his master degree (cum laude) in drums and percussion, he travelled back and forth to Istanbul, Turkey, where he lived and was classically trained by well known percussion masters over there.

Ruben has won several awards, like the Tama Drummers Award (1999), the Erasmus Jazz Award (2000), and a scholarship (2001), amongst others. He recently developed a series of workshops in Turkish rhythms for the Dutch magazine Slagwerkkrant.

Presently, Ruben is very active as a professional drums and percussion artist and has performed at a variety of international Jazz and Belly Dance festivals, such as the Big Bang festival (Holland) and Tribal Café (USA).

He developed two unique methods for darbuka plus a supplementary book and has two world percussion releases on the American label EMP (

Ruben is a member of the formation Solace Live, having done a Pacific Northwest tour USA (2006) and a European tour (2007).

After having taught for several years at the Rotterdam Music Conservatory, Ruben opened his own "Eastern Expressions Drums & Percussion School" in August 2007.